Climate protection projects

The central component of our commitment to climate protection is to record all the CO2 emissions caused by the operations of wpd worldwide and to offset them on an annual basis. To do so, we have been committed to various projects for many years. One of these projects, which we have been supporting since 2019, is the construction of small-scale biogas plants in Nepal.

This project is organised by atmosfair, a non-profit climate protection society based in Berlin. Through our commitment, we have already been able to support the construction and maintenance of several hundred small biogas plants in Nepal. These plants run on cow dung and replace the open fires otherwise usual in that country. In this way, each plant is able to save around 3 tons of CO2 per year. At the same time, we are countering the deforestation of the local woodland. A project that exemplifies how we offset wpd’s worldwide CO2 emissions.

In the last few years, we have experienced strong growth and we are operating in an expanding number of countries around the world. At the same time, climate protection has become increasingly important. At wpd, we are united in wanting to do more than we have in the past and in our belief that wpd should continue  to operate on a climate-neutral basis in spite of future growth. And should do so without including the emissions saved by the wind farms we build.

„It is a matter of importance to us that we complement our successful commitment in the wind sector by also supporting non-commercial projects from other fields and thus making our own small contribution towards the preservation of our planet.”


Dr. Hartmut Brösamle
Chairman of wpd AG

We drew up our first detailed CO2 footprint for the whole of wpd for 2019. To do so, we used a professional computation program that ensures that we register the data in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

In 2019, wpd emitted around 6,000 tons of CO2!

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