Sustainable action at wpd

The notion of sustainability and socially aware treatment of our environment are important issues to us. For that reason, wpd not only contributes to the supply of green electricity but also fully offsets the CO2 emissions caused by the company.

Besides constructing wind farms and solar parks around the world and offsetting our emissions, our employees are also permanently engaged in improving the sustainability of processes and workflows in our everyday working life. Sustainability and the protection of resources, renewable energy, climate protection and socially aware treatment of our environment are for us intertwining issues that spur us on. In view of the global task of climate protection, we are facing major changes and upheavals. We are only just getting started – but we are rolling our sleeves up and getting down to it.

Again we drew up our detailed CO2 footprint for the whole of wpd for 2022. To do so, we used a professional computation program that ensures that we register the data in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

In 2022, wpd emitted around 4,700 tons of CO2!

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In order to offset our annual CO2 emissions, we have been committed to various projects for many years. Our latest project, which we have been supporting since 2019, is the construction of small-scale biogas plants in Nepal.

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