Wind farm management

Comprehensive service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Since 1998, wpd’s sister company, wpd windmanager, has taken on all the tasks relating to the commercial and technical operational management of wind farms. wpd windmanager is the market leader for wind farm management in Germany. Thorough knowledge of the market and many years of experience with wind energy guarantee that farms under its management run at their optimum level. Customers include fund companies, national and international investment groups as well as institutional investors. As well as Germany, wpd windmanager is active in various other countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

A detailed overview of the services – including presentation of the control rooms manned round the clock – and locations can be found at

In the course of its technical management, wpd windmanager collaborates in many projects with Deutsche Windtechnik AG as well as other service companies.