Project development

wpd is putting its solar energy project in the right light

Besides wind energy, the generation of renewable energy from solar power is making a significant contribution towards achieving the energy turnaround. wpd is reflecting this trend with so-called utility scale solar projects: large-scale, open solar farms in the megawatt range which produce affordable, reliable electricity.

If it’s about planning, financing, realising and constructing solar farms, wpd is the innovative partner you can depend on at your side. Experience is the key to the professional development of a project from the idea to commissioning, hand-in-hand with you in productive cooperation with the authorities concerned, municipalities and landowners.

wpd has had its eye on the potential of solar energy since the inception of the company. After strengthening and expanding our leading position in the market for onshore and offshore wind energy, wpd has started working on a sustainable expansion of its solar energy business branch in 2016. As an effect, in a relatively short space of time, wpd has armed itself in terms of know-how, staff and a project pipeline for future challenges in the energy turnaround.

The projects already successfully realised, both at home and abroad, form part of a wealth of experience from which all concerned can benefit. Around the world, wpd currently has installed an output of almost 20 MWp from solar energy and has a project pipeline of 825 MWp with solar projects in the USA, France and Taiwan. wpd is as focused on expanding the pipeline in the important international markets of the American continent, Asia and Europe as it is on realising projects in the German market for solar energy where around 7.5 MWp are currently installed.

You, too, can benefit from the advantages which wpd has to offer for the realisation of projects to utilise renewable energy: Allow us to put your solar energy project in the right light!