Residents’ participation

wpd attaches great importance to the inclusion of local residents in the planning process and has already realised many projects with residents’ participation.

The euphoria of getting things moving locally on the one hand, and the know-how and stamina in realising the project on the other – in wpd’s experience the two go hand in hand to form a successful model. Citizens and landowners realise the wind farm together with wpd as their partner. Both sides contribute their strengths: wpd its expertise and financial strength, the local partner its local network. In this way, projects can be realised together on beneficial terms. On request, wpd can offer joint operation that combines self-determination and security: operation in your own company with an agreed management concept.

Examples of residents’ participation:

  • The “citizens’ turbine”: financed and run by local residents and landowners. It creates identity and generates a local value chain.
  • The “wind savings bond”: citizens can join with minor contributions or tie their capital over the medium term. Investors benefit from above-average, fixed annual interest rates.