Project procurement and collaboration

When constructing wind and solar farms, it is essential to collect information in advance about local conditions. This applies not just to aspects such as the wind conditions or sunshine potential but not least also to the structures which are important for working out the finance in talks with investors, banks, experts and lawyers. The successful realisation of international projects, in particular, has shown how productive it is to have local finance structures in place. wpd always places project procurement on a reliable financial foundation in order to offer stable implementation of projects over the long term for operators and investors.

From our experience in the wind sector, we know that collaborations can represent a major advantage in many projects. Because they enable us to pool expertise and rely on the strengths of the particular partner.

“We support wpd as a reliable partner for the technical operation of photovoltaic systems. Thanks to our worldwide commitment, we have the necessary experience to achieve the best results together. The collaboration between Raising Power and wpd in Taiwan is a classic example of productive cooperation.”

Simon Wecht
Head of Operations Center
Raising Power

We can supply good reasons for working with us:

  • Over the course of many years of working globally in the wind sector, wpd has built up an extensive, diversified and vibrant network which it can also rely on in the solar sector.
  • Thanks to offices in 17 countries, wpd has valuable local knowledge of political conditions and national project requirements.
  • wpd has earned the respect of its partners by establishing business relationships based on trust and in a partnership between equals. Many of these collaborations have already been in existence for decades.
  • wpd is financially sound.
  • wpd can rely on its experience in finance and structuring as well as on planning expertise.