Our customers, business partners and investors trust in our competence, reliability, integrity and honesty. Together, these factors form the foundation for wpd’s success and good reputation. The stability of this foundation thus requires rule-compliant and responsible actions.

For this reason, the topic of compliance, i.e. adherence to legal regulations and internal guidelines, has gained considerable importance at wpd in recent years. With a Code of Conduct as a voluntary commitment to legally compliant, ethical behavior within the company, wpd would like to concretize this rule-compliant and responsible action and keeps it transparently for everyone. You can view the Code of Conduct here:

Code of Conduct (*.PDF)


We encourage everyone to report all perceived compliance violations to wpd. For this purpose, wpd has set up a so-called “whistleblower system”. You can use this system to contact our Compliance Officer confidentially and, if you wish, anonymously.

Whistleblowing System