Green wpd

Within the company, many steps have already been taken with respect to sustainability. The subject of business travel is ever present in companies operating on a global level. As this relates in particular to air travel, wpd nailed its colours to the mast at an early stage, committing to make its business travel as ecological as possible and to avoid flights wherever feasible. A travel directive here makes reference to the primary use of rail for longer journeys. In addition, the company is determined to drive the conversion of its company fleet to more climate-friendly vehicles. The aim is to reduce the fleet’s emissions in the next two years from its current level of 124 g CO2/km to below 100 g CO2/km and purchase an increasing number of electric cars. The number of charging columns in the company’s own car park, naturally fed with green electricity, has recently been expanded.

Nearly all wpd’s German facilities are already supplied with green electricity, and total conversion is to be achieved imminently. The aim is to drive this forward at the international facilities as well. The headquarters in Bremen are also equipped with eco-friendly heating, and a rooftop photovoltaic system was installed on the headquarters’ roof in 2021. Further measures were also implemented as part of everyday working life in individual offices around the world or are currently underway.