Solar lamps in Pakistan

This project was carried out with the Pakistani NGO Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) and the German project partner medico international e.V. The purpose of the programme “Lighting Lives in Pakistan” is to bring eco-friendly light to Pakistan’s villages by means of small-scale technology. For this purpose, traditional lighting sources such as petroleum lamps, candles or small, battery-driven lamps are being replaced by the distribution of solar lamps.

This project financed by wpd fits into the above-mentioned programme. The intention is to make a contribution towards reducing the emissions of ecologically harmful CO2 and rust particles, easing the burden on the budgets of 500 families, improving the quality of night-time lighting and lowering the risk of fire.

The project has recently been re-evaluated by the external organisation HANDS. Their report confirmed the relevance, cost-effectiveness and efficacy of the project and referenced its immense importance for the everyday life of the rural population in the project villages. Both the lamps and the charging stations have been further refined from a technical standpoint. Further improvements are planned for the future.