Small biogas plants in Nepal

Since 2019, wpd has been pursuing a joint project in Nepal with the German non-profit organization atmosfair. atmosfair. In this project, wpd is financing the construction and repair of small biogas plants in Nepal. These plants replace open fires, thus preventing deforestation and CO2 emissions. The open fires are also responsible for serious eye and lung disease. The biogas plants run on otherwise unused cow dung which is converted to biogas through anaerobic fermentation. The biogas is directed through pipes to gas cookers in the kitchens. One such biogas plant can save around 2,000 kg of firewood per year and thus two to three tons of CO2 by comparison with using an open “three stone fire”. After fermentation, the remains of the cow dung can be used as a powerful bio-fertiliser, thus appreciably boosting agricultural yield.

You can find further information on the project on atmosfair’s website.

Nepal Biogas Support Programme

The collaboration between wpd and atmosfair has spawned more than the construction of small biogas plants in Nepal. wpd also supports their maintenance and repair, particularly in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2015, the strongest in the region for 80 years.