Rain forest in Guatemala

Since 2008, wpd has been supporting a reforestation project for a rain forest area in Guatemala, Bosque de Los Cimentos, in collaboration with medico international e.V. This is a project run by the Guatemalan NGO FUNCEDESCRI. The project has also set itself the goal of protecting existing forested areas and reforesting areas that had been cleared, preserving the natural biodiversity, as well as serving as a centre for information and training (both theoretical and practical) in the sustainable use of forests.

The project involves a complex approach encompassing the preservation and restoration of the vast biodiversity of a subtropical mountainous cloud forest, targeted reforestation and an adjustment to the commercial use of existing resources. For example, the aim is to demonstrate that sustainable use of the forest can be operated profitably and combined with education and training. Specifically, around 2 hectares of land are being reforested every year with around 3,000 tree seedlings.