Supplying health centers with CO2-free electricity in Madagascar

In Madagascar, wpd is supporting the electrification of a health center with a focus on mother and child care, so that emergency treatments and deliveries can be carried out in appropriate lighting conditions and vaccines and medicines can be stored safely.

The island nation off the south-east coast of Africa is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. This is also reflected in the healthcare system: In rural areas, this is provided by primary health centers (CSBs). Above all, these often lack a reliable, stable supply of electricity, which in turn affects the quality of care. Treatments, including emergency cases, and deliveries often have to be carried out at night by the light of flashlights or candles. Proper cool storage of medicines and vaccines is hardly possible, if at all, under these conditions. This is often remedied by the use of environmentally and climate-damaging power generators.

In cooperation with atmosfair, wpd has ensured the electrification of a health center by installing a rooftop solar system. A contribution that supports adequate health care and at the same time helps to reduce CO2 emissions.