Yesterday (Wednesday) wpd received the feed-in contract for the Napier wind farm by the Energy Agency in Ontario. This “FIT” contract secures the purchase of the expected net capacity of 5.4 MW from the project as well as a guaranteed minimum remuneration for 20 years.

“We appreciate our further success in Canada”, declares wpd CEO Dr. Hartmut Brösamle. “In view of the bottleneck in net capacity in Ontario, this FIT contract is a central stepping stone for us. Now, we will start the further approval proceedings like environmental licences and building permit.”

Next to Napier, another six Canadian projects by wpd with just about 110 MW are in the planning stage. “We are certain that we can begin the construction of the first project at the end of 2012 and that we will operate all of the 110 MW until the end of 2014”, says country manager Arvid Hesse, convinced of the successful implementation of the projects.
wpd is operator and developer of installations for the generation of renewable energies with a clear focus on wind power, operating in 20 countries worldwide. In total, the company has carried out projects with around 1,400 turbines and an output of 2.1 GW. Currently wpd is planning projects with 7,000 MW in total. More over, the group is one of Europe’s leading offshore developers with a pipeline of 10,000 MW.  One of the first commercial offshore wind plants Baltic 1, attended by wpd, has been has been put into operation in May 2011. wpd develops offshore projects in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France and Italy.
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