– Bremen wind farm developer and operator wpd sells part of its offshore portfolio and signs long-term cooperation in order to realise projects –
wpd offshore GmbH sold its subsidiaries EOS Offshore AG and Offshore Ostsee Wind AG to the German utility EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. The effected companies are owner of the project rights in the offshore wind projects Hochseewindpark Nordsee and "He dreiht" in the North Sea and Kriegers Flak 1 and Baltic 1 in the Baltic Sea respectively. Further, wpd and EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG agreed on a long-term cooperation agreement assigning wpd for the project management of the further development and construction of these projects.
"By signing with EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG we found the right partner who is dedicated to the projects’ realisation. The cooperation agreement ensures wpd’s further involvement and commitment regarding the wind farms", commented Dr. Gernot Blanke, member of the wpd board.
Permissions for erecting and operating the four projects are already in place. "Hochseewindpark Nordsee" and "He dreiht" contain of 80 turbines with a maximum output of 400 MW each, while "Kriegers Flak 1" and “Baltic I” contain of 80 turbines (328.6 MW) and 21 turbines (maximum output of up to 52.5 MW) respectively.
wpd offshore’s managing director Achim Berge explains wpd’s further offshore strategy: "Right now we’re concentrating on the realization of the four German projects. At the same time we’re progressing in the development of our European offshore portfolio of about 5,000 MW in Sweden, Denmark, the German North Sea, Finland and Southern Europe."

wpd AG
The wpd AG develops, markets, and operates renewable energy plants (IRPP) on a worldwide scale. wpd along with its subsidiaries is active in 15 countries and provides employment for about 300 individuals. The wpd-group has already realized around 1,200 wind farm plants with the estimated output of 1,750 MW. Beyond that, wpd acts as a leading offshore developer.
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