After the announcement of having signed a long-term PPA contract with a major Swedish industrial company for the Aldermyrberget wind farm in May this year, the financial close marks the next milestone in the realisation of the northernmost project ever implemented by wpd europe. KfW IPEX-Bank has been acquired as a partner for the project financing.

The Aldermyrberget wind farm project looks back on a long planning phase. Changes in the Swedish market for renewable energies made it necessary to continuously optimise the project planning. The success not only confirms the high acceptance of the project with local stakeholders, but also wpd europe’s long-term commitment to Sweden.

The 72-megawatt wind farm, which is being built in the municipality of Skellefteå in northern Sweden, consists of 17 Vestas V150 wind turbines with a rated output of 4.2 megawatts each, a hub height of 155 metres and a total height of 230 metres. The frosty climate in northern Sweden makes the installation of wind turbines with anti-icing systems a requirement.

Construction on the infrastructure for the project was started in June 2019. The land is owned by Sveaskog, a state-owned forestry company which is also Sweden’s largest forest owner, Holmen, a Swedish group active in the wood and paper industry, and a private landowner. The turbine installation is to be completed in summer 2020 with the result that commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of the year.