wpd has applied for a construction permit and operation of a wind park on Storgrundet in the Söderhamn municipality, Gävleborg county.
– “We are very excited to submit permit applications and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the Environment Court for trial. For us the EIA symbolizes an important milestone in our investment in wind power, which will be followed by many other offshore and onshore based wind power projects, "says wpd’ Project Manager Hans Ohlsson.
– “wpd’s aim is to provide 160 000 households with wind power electricity within a few years. The wind park Storgrundet can be realized much earlier than other proposed offshore projects in Sweden, because it is located in relatively shallow waters and is close to the shore”, says Chairman of the board, Achim Berge.
Facts about the offshore wind park Storgrundet:
The wind park is located in a large base area about 11 kilometers from the mainland, southeast of Söderhamn. Within the design field, there is an opportunity to build a wind farm with a combined power of maximum 265 MW. The estimated annual production is expected to be 0,8 TWh (800 million kWh), equivalent to electricity for 160 000 households. The wind park Storgrundet will be in operation 2014.

For more information contact:
Hans Olsson, Project Manager wpd Scandinavia AB, phone + 46 8 501 091 61
Achim Berge, Chairman of the Board wpd Scandinavia AB, phone + 46 8 501 091 51
Suzana Johansson, PR Manager wpd Scandinavia AB, phone + 46 8 501 091 54