Since last weekend, four 2.5 Megawatt wind turbine generators are feeding power into the plant network of the BMW factory in Leipzig. The power supplied is used, inter alia, for the production of the i3 and i8 automobile models. The project has been realized by the wind farm developer wpd who also operates the turbines and sells the generated power to BMW.
For turbine manufacturer wpd choose Nordex. The combined gross energy yield of the 10MW wind farm amounts to some 28 Giga watt hours per year, equaling a reduction of more than 21,000 tons of CO2 emission.
“Site-specific features, especially the integration into the existing infrastructure as well as consideration of the fabrication processes, have been a challenge, but wpd has been able to carefully plan and successfully master them,” says Dr. Klaus Meier, one of the founders and today Chairman of the Supervisory Board of wpd. “The integration of wind turbines into industrial areas with one or more consumers offers opportunities for grid discharge and – for the companies – is a visible link to ecological power production.”
Drafting of the wind farm lay-out up to implementation and further to operational management has been and will continue to be managed by wpd. Thus, the client has only one main contact. The turbines of the N100 type with a rotor diameter of 100 m have been erected on newly developed 140 m hybrid towers. At this height, they are producing 20 per cent more energy per year as compared to the hitherto used 100 m standard tower. The higher towers thus support one of the main goals of the Leipzig direct marketing model: Power shall be generated with an increased reliability, the number of full-load hours shall rise, bringing the yearly power production closer to the technically possible maximum for this site.
About wpd
wpd is developer and operator of wind farms with activities in more than 20 countries. The wpd group has realized wind farms with some 1,500 turbines and an output of 2.5 GW, further developing international projects with 6.7 GW onshore overall. With a pipeline of 10 GW, wpd is among Europe’s leading developers for offshore wind farms. One of the first commercial offshore wind farms, Baltic 1, has been developed by wpd and erected by EnBW in 2010.

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