Project development

wpd has been actively engaged in the development of offshore projects since 2000. With eleven projects already approved, wpd is one of the most successful offshore project developers in the world.

During the development phase, which lasts several years, we conduct extensive geological, biological and technical investigations. On this basis, individual plans are created which must stand up to extensive testing and certification requirements as they proceed. In the interplay between authorities, political decision-makers, the local population and local business, it is our aim to realise a profitable project which enjoys a high level of acceptance.

We are excellently equipped to meet these challenges with a team of specialists and we have local representation with our own offices in important offshore markets. Besides the 150 employees of wpd, who have experience from developing 21 and constructing four offshore wind farms, 150 further specialists are working on offshore issues in sister companies. Overall, our team is working on a pipeline of around 7,400 megawatts in Germany, Sweden, France, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

„wpd has done a great job in developing and implementing the Butendiek flagship project, and we are impressed with the professionalism of the company.“

Michael Dedieu
Marguerite Fund
Managing Director