On Friday, December 11, 2009, wpd-owned wind farm Orlice in Croatia will be connected to the grid. At 11 a. m. sharp, the grand opening will start. Croatia’s prime minister Jadranka Kosor and the new Croatian Secretary of Commerce, Duro Popijac, will be present. The eleven Enercon turbines with a capacity of 9.6 MW are situated some ten kilometres to the south-east of the city of Sivenik. The wind farm will generate 21 million kWh of CO2-free power – enough to supply a town of 20,000 inhabitants with green energy.

The erection of the Orlice wind farm is another milestone in the expansion of Renewable Energies in Croatia. With the installation of the project, actually only the third wind farm in Croatia at all has been connected to the grid. “We welcome the installation of the wind farm which emphasises the engagement of the wpd group in Croatia and which is an important signal for the further development of wind power in this country. Being one of the leading European planning and operating company, Croatia is for us an important market and we will implement further projects as soon as possible,” wpd Chairman Dr. Hartmut Broesamle declares. Since March 2007, a tariff system for the furthering of renewable energies, similar to the German EEG, provides for fixed feed-in remunerations for energy generated from wind turbines. 

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wpd is an international operator and developer of installations for the generation of renewable energies, operating in 21 countries worldwide. So far, the wpd group has realised wind farms with approximately 1,600 wind turbines and an output of 2 GW. With a pipeline of 7,000 MW onshore and 9,000 MW in the offshore segment, wpd is among Europe’s leading developer of  wind farms.

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