Green electricity for 126,000 households
Wind power is the trailblazer and key technology for renewable energies in Germany. Since the early 90s, the wind power contingent in energy production has increased to approximately 7 percent. And it plays a decisive role in the further development of renewable power production. In Germany, the largest potential of all naturally existing energy sources is at its disposal. In the scope of their engagement for climate and environment protection, Stadtwerke München (SWM), HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE) and Mainova AG will use this potential more intensely. 9 wind farms have been purchased from wpd AG. HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE) and Mainova each hold 12.5 % of the shares in this project, with 75 %, SWM is the majority shareholder.

The 9 wind farms are located in the Havelland in Brandenburg and consist of 83 wind energy turbines by the manufacturer Enercon, all of them operating. With the parks’ total capacity of approx. 163 MW, SWM and its partners are able to produce a yearly output of around 315 Giga watt hours (315 million kWh) of green electricity. With this quantity, around 126,000 households may be powered per year (assuming a consumption of 2,500 kWh per year). In comparison to power production with conventional power plants, approximately 280,000 tons of CO2 can be avoided with these power production plants. The wind farms were planned and implemented by wpd, one of the leading European wind power companies with its seat in Bremen. wpd – operating wind farms with a capacity of around 1,600 MW via wpd management holding GmbH & Co. KG – will take over the operation and management for these 9 wind farms.

Dr. Kurt Mühlhäuser, Chairman of SWM’s management: “The participation by SWM in these wind farms is another important cornerstone in our building offensive Renewable Energies. With our share and the projects already realized or initiated, we are able to increase our green electricity production from 350 million kilo watt hours per year initially in less than 2 years to an output of around 1,180 million kilo watt hours then. To be able to reach our ambitious goals we need reliable cooperation partners with similar energy political conceptions. We have found those in HSE, Mainova and wpd, with whom we already have successful cooperation in other projects. I do hope that we will be able to realise other projects together.”

Albert Filbert, CEO of HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE): “This is another piece in the mosaic of our strategy to strengthen renewable energies, and it boosts our independence from the current oligopoly of energy producers. With Havelland, HSE further strengthens its distribution affiliate ENTEGA as one of the leading green electricity suppliers in Germany. To reach the climate aims, it is surely not enough to just tender and distribute green electricity. It is imperative to make sustainable investments in order to reduce CO2 output. Just this is our aim and the strategy of HSE and ENTEGA.”

CEO Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer stresses the project’s importance for Mainova: “In participating in the onshore wind farm Havelland, Mainova increases its share portfolio by an interesting aspect. With the further engagement in the production of renewable energies, Mainova further emphasizes the strategy of the protection of resources as we have done consequently so far. With the development of wind power we have another strategic mainstay for the future, which opens profitable economic prospects for Mainova.”

Dr. Gernot Blanke, Chief Executive Officer of wpd AG: “After being able to close a 50-MW-deal with SWM already in the summer, we are happy to carry on our cooperation with Stadtwerke München and to cooperate with HEAG Südhessische Energie AG and Mainova, which are other important players in this segment. The large quest in the segment of wind power on communal and regional levels is becoming visible. For us, today’s sale is another stepping stone in our strategy to realise wind farms for our own inventory as well as for the development of renewable energies portfolios for strategic investors and to position ourselves as leading developer and operator in the wind power market.”

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