Service for municipalities

As a municipality, do you rely on experienced, financially sound and committed partners whom you can deal with on an equal footing? For years, wpd has been a reliable partner for municipalities when it comes to wind energy – one who knows how to get things done. Numerous successful projects in a wide variety of regions of the country tell their own story. wpd is interested in establishing long-term partnerships as the basis for successful projects, guaranteeing a value chain for the region and widespread acceptance. From transparent planning procedures, the awarding of contracts to local companies in the planning and construction phase, lease payments to owners and/or the municipality, compensation and replacement, tax receipts to opportunities for local residents to participate financially – wpd is there for you as the partner you can rely on.

  • wpd as a proven partner for municipalities
    The municipality acts as the planning organiser, aiming to control the increase in wind energy systems, if applicable through urban development planning as well as to orchestrate the relevant political processes surrounding the wind farm project at a local level. The presence of a reliable, expert partner in this process is essential. In the projects already completed, wpd has proven itself as a partner to the municipalities, both in terms of providing expert advice and with respect to communicating the issues on a political level and not least by actively supporting the planning process, e.g. in preparing the zoning and development plan.
  • Participating and having a say
    Both the municipality itself and its residents can benefit from a wind farm. In many cases, the municipality is the landowner and provides wpd with the area needed as the lessor. There is also the chance for municipalities to act as the operator of wind farms. Local residents, too, can profit from a wind energy project by investing in turbines or other interesting financial products which materialise in the context of a wind farm project. Whether it’s green electricity products, compensation and replacement measures, tax receipts or different forms of financial participation on the part of citizens: there are diverse opportunities to involve residents and municipalities in the value chain. wpd stands ready as an expert partner to identify these opportunities and support their implementation.

„We opted for wpd – and that was the right decision: all promises and agreements were kept. The company always looked after us and maintained personal contact.“


Dieter Langmaack
Mayor of the town of Lübberstedt / Lower Saxony

“We are happy that the local authorities brought us together with wpd and that we are able to manage the compensation measures. The wpd team arranged regular on-site meetings, honoured all the agreements and was always available for us – that shows its sense of responsibility and high willingness to communicate.“

Björn Burmeister und Grit Tetzel
GRÜNE LIGA Thüringen e.V.

“Working with wpd as part of the compensation and replacement measures for the “Bat Houses Area Lugkteich Brenitz” has been a success from the start to the present day. I would like to emphasise the transparent communication between the contracting parties, the sustained interest in the results of mapping and their pragmatic way of acting throughout the business process. This impression is confirmed by the success of the measures employed as we have noticed good occupation of the houses by bats.”

Maik Korreng
Renowned bat expert

“My staff and I really enjoyed working with wpd to produce a shallow water depression as a compensation and replacement measure for the Mahndorf wind farm. The professional construction work by wpd’s employees, Mr. Pardieck and Mr. Rohde, was marked by its friendly tone and it made a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the measure.”

Andreas Haschke
Haschke Kultur- und Tiefbau GmbH

“I always regarded working with wpd’s staff as a very pleasant experience. You could see very quickly that they knew what they were doing and took account of the requests and suggestions made by the forest-owners concerned. The reforestation measures for the Lauterstein wind farm were implemented in exemplary fashion. Quality was the top priority, especially when it came to selecting the forestry companies and nurseries to be involved.”

Wolfgang Mangold
Forest district manager Böhmenkirch and Lauterstein
County Göppingen