The result of the written vote on the sale of the rights to the Offshore-Bürger-Windpark Butendiek to the wpd group in Bremen is now fixed.

The shareholders in the Offshore-Bürger-Windpark Butendiek GmbH & Co. KG were asked for their written vote on the sale and purchase offer during the time period between September 20, 2010, and October 25, 2010. Overall, approximately 93 % of the shareholders voted for the acceptance of the wpd offer. 3 % of the shareholders decided to abstain or their ballots were void. Approximately 4 % of the shareholders voted against the acceptance of the agreements.

"Thus, wpd’s offer is accepted and we can move on to the next steps for the handing-over", says Wolfgang Paulsen, managing director of the Butendiek wind farm.

Wpd as well is glad to have such broad agreement of the Butendiekers. "Even now, we are in close coordination with the authorities and companies involved further the implementation of the Butendiek project as fast as possible," states Andrée Iffländer, wpd’s competent project manager.

In parallel, negotiations on the possible financing of the project are being held. "We are pleasantly surprised about how high the commitment of the Butendiekers to their project still is, and that so many are wishing for a future involvement in the Butendiek offshore wind farm," says Martin Heppe, wpd’s director of finance. "At present, we are checking possible ways of future participation of the Butendiekers in our project", Heppe adds