– Rating strongly above average since 2003 –

Euler Hermes Rating GmbH (Allianz group) has again awarded a rating of A for the creditworthiness and sustainability of wpd AG in 2011. Thus, the company is being rated as strongly above average as compared to the overall economy.

In the past, the wpd group was able to profit to a large extent as the leading wind energy company in Germany. Through its strong market position in Germany, wpd has good contacts with potential buyers. As an overall result, wpd group has a very high level of profitability especially under consideration of all industry-specific features. wpd manages assets of roughly 500 MW in national and international projects.

Under consideration of the stock development, the extensive liquid funds and the hidden reserves in the assets as well as in light of the industry-related characteristics the rating company evaluates the capital structure and the potential for debt relief in general to be good or very good. Furthermore, wpd has a high inner financing power.

The wpd group pursues a strategy which is strongly aimed at growth and expansion of assets with a clear focus on the sector of wind energy. The foreign markets that are being tilled gain an increasing importance for the group. In the offshore sector, wpd has reached a good position amongst the German developers with a good regional diversification. Overall, Euler Hermes considers the strategies of wpd group to be conclusive and promising, also in light of the political framework.

Due to the good market position, the competence and experience present in the group, a stable development of the rating in the next twelve months is expected.
Key facts wpd:
wpd is a worldwide developer and operator of windfarms. In total, the company has carried out projects with around 1,400 turbines and an output of 2,1 GW. Currently wpd is planning projects with 7,000 MW in total. More over, the group is one of Europe’s leading offshore developer with a pipeline of 10,000 MW.  Actually wpd is preparing the implementation of the Butendiek project

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