At present, the implementation of projects in Poland faces some difficulties as the Polish government has proposed a new feed-in tariff system for renewable energies a while ago. The tariff system so far – consisting of a certificate price and a market price for “black” energy – has provided for the desired build-up, however, it is considered to be too costly in the long run. The price decrease for certificates, caused by the extension of the so-called Cofiring, has undermined trust in the long-term stability, so that all hope now lies with the new EEG (Renewable Energies Act).  

Since 2011, different draft bills have been presented to the public, calling for an adjustment of the previous support systems. In November 2013, the Ministry of Economics has presented a draft with a completely new support mechanism, which suggests implementing an auction system in Poland, in the course of which supplying of certain amounts of renewable energies shall be awarded to the supplier with the lowest bid. The bill is supposed to go into effect during the course of the year 2014.

With the implementation of the new EEG it can be expected that onshore wind power in Poland shall continually be expanded. In general, Poland is offering favorable conditions for the expansion of renewable energies: Economic growth has been stable for years and due to the excellent wind conditions, there is a high potential for wind power generation. The national expansion targets call for a quota of 20 % for renewable energies. To reach that quota, there is need for the creation of other sources of renewable energies. At present, come 3,390 MW of wind power are connected to the grid (as of 12/2013).  

The Poland country office for wpd is located in Poznań.

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