In many parts of the world wind power has already become an important component of power generation. The demand in the area of renewable energies is growing rapidly worldwide. Global figures of newly constructed turbines rise from year to year. Wind turbines with an output of 35,467 MW were built during 2013 and the trend is continuing to increase. Annual growth rates of about 2,500 MW are expected in Germany over the short term. The international development is being strongly influenced by the fluctuations in the USA as well as the growing markets in China and India. However, developments in Europe are also visible at a high level. 12,031 MW has been newly installed during 2013 in this case.

The wpd group is taking account of this development. We have been expanding our activities abroad for years; sometimes jointly with local partners. We have set up a worldwide project pipeline of 6.7 GW in 18 countries. Our portfolio covers all services from the planning and financing to building the project, as well as the complete wind farmís operation and management.







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