Purchase of wind turbines

The purchase of wind turbines is planned and implemented in close coordination with project and country managers. The manufacturer’s quotation is an important element of the decision-making process. Which type of plant is ideally suitable for the respective location and is reliably available at the required point in time must be clarified especially. In addition, it must be checked whether the requisite structures are available or can be created, in order to maintain and repair the turbine.

In addition, we check the economic efficiency of the turbine type for the respective location. The turbine’s procurement costs and performance curves related to the location’s wind speeds are highly relevant in this case. A further important element is the continuous operating cost (i.e., running costs) that must be expected, which mainly comprise the costs of maintenance, upkeep and repair during the wind turbines service life. While doing so, highly guaranteed availability is just as important for us as maintaining the performance curve and complying with noise-emission limits.


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