Wind Offshore

Using the power of wind in  the open ocean (‘offshore’) offers numerous opportunities to achieve ambitious European climatic and energy policy goals. Offshore projects are therefore considered to be an important future market for wind power. The benefits of offshore wind are a reduced visual impact - due to the long distances from shore- and bigger projects resulting in more energy produced

However, the planning and construction of offshore wind farms is challenging technically. The wind turbines must be designed for use in the open sea. The foundations must be adapted to cope with great depths and waves. Last but not least, the long cable connection must be installed in the ocean floor.

This is where the expertise of wpd offshore GmbH comes in. wpd offshore is active in all areas of offshore wind power, from classic project development and management, to the negotiation of supply contracts, project financing, right through to the operation and service of turbines. And, wpd itself invests in the project equity and operates offshore projects.
The wpd team develops our projects from offices in Bremen, Rostock, Helsinki, Paris and Aarhus.

Achim Berge Olsen has served as wpd offshore’s Managing Director since 2001.



Achim Berge Olsen
Managing Director

wpd offshore GmbH
Stephanitorsbollwerk 3 (Haus LUV)
28217 Bremen

T:  +49 (0)421 168 66-10
F: +49 (0)421 168 66-66

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